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ECO-ads IS...

ECO-ads is a new approach to advertising - one that gives you the power to place your message exactly where and when it's going to be most effective. ECO-ads offers flexibility - we can deliver the same messages in multiple locations - any time of any day. So you can talk to your audiences when it's most relevant to them.

ECO-ads | Place your message exactly where it's going to be most effective

ECO-ads is also the most environmentally friendly form of advertising available. Why? Because it uses the power of people and it's only there when you need it to be - so it doesn't pollute the environment or the landscape.


Ad campaigns are only as successful as they are visible, and because we get closer to your audience we can make more impact and have more influence. We will work with agencies or directly with the client, whichever you prefer, what matters to us is that we all achieve our objectives.

ECO-ads | We get closer to your audience.



High visibility
ECO-ads breaches the fortresses other media cannot reach: shopping malls, pedestrianised precincts, parks, and other public areas. ECO-ads can also react swiftly to make the most of unforseen opportunities for guerrilla marketing campaigns.
ECO-ads equals flexibility, we can deliver messages in multiple locations to reach your audiences where it's most relevant to them.
Other Availabilities
ECO-ads can deliver more than just your message, we can distribute product samples and promotional materials to engage further with your target audience. We can even help you develop an effective design for your posters, if you like, and support them further with our expanding range of customisable eco-friendly promotional items.