WASTE innovations

Waste Innovations is an Eco-friendly company that regenerates waste materials to create a variety of quality, new products.

We work with artists, product designers and the community to help create new opportunities and to produce a range of interesting and fashionable products from earings - made from intricately crafted telephone cables - to a selection of cable reel furniture for your back garden.

ZERO WASTE is our ideal.

WASTE Innovations Profile:

Waste Innovations is a marketing company which aims to achieve sustainability in all of its business operations. We believe that waste should have a value, and should be managed as profligately as gold dust. Wherever possible, our waste should be innovatively recycled, refactured or regenerated into value-added products of a diverse nature and it is an objective of Waste Innovations to facilitate the development of new markets in recycled materials to further this end.

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WASTE Innovations Ethos:

Because ZERO WASTE is our ideal, Waste Innovations will interweave business practices with a sound and pro-active environmental agenda. Waste Innovations will facilitate the development of wealth into local communities through the offering of value-for-money marketing opportunities for the recycled (and other related) products developed by various community and individual initiatives.

Connecting all of our projects and ambitions is the common ideal of salvaging productivity from waste, whether that waste is of materials, of resources, or of people's potential. In every scenario, we seek productivity powered by the engine of sustainable redevelopment.