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ECO-ads managed to get their bikes out working well ahead of our official launch. We sent a pair of bikes out and about in Edinburgh, in co-operation with another firm to catch the early morning and evening commuter traffic for In-between times, the bikes would be garnering attention for our clients with various eye-catching formations along Princes Street and other busy locations. Concurrently, we were able to send one of our own bikes out to key locations in Central Scotland, transporting the bike between towns by van to maximise our reach, with a series of hit and run efforts around the Falkirk and Stirling areas.

City of Edinburgh Council | May 2008

ECO-ads | Advertising for the City of Edinburgh Council in May 2008.

Forth Valley College | May & June 2007

ECO-ads | Advertising for Forth Valley College in Central Scotland in May and June 2007. | May 2007

ECO-ads | Advertising for in Edinburgh in May 2007.